CemBR Forecasts 2022

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One of CemBR’s flagship intelligence platforms. Projections for the sixty largest cement markets in the world.

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Ten year historical and five year projections. Visit the Intelligence Platforms section of the website for more details.

Our proprietary analytical tools:

Domestic Capacity Utilisation Factor – DCUF™ – Propensity to export / import.

International Trading Assessment Matrix – ITAM™, Capability to export / import.

Capacity Concentration Balance Index (CCBI™). CCBI™ assesses the potential of each cement plant’s theoretical sales to each statistically available region of a national market, taking into account the plant’s capacity and proximity to consumption centres.

Micro-Market Attractiveness Matrix (MAM™). MAM™ examines statistically available regions for their existing and potential growth prospects.

Industry Structure and Dynamics – ISD™ – Nature of Participants, Consolidation Index, Cost Structure and Industry Profitability.

CemBR Ranking Tool – CemBRRT™ – Overall Market Attractiveness Assessment

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Our latest reports

CemBR Forecasts to 2026 PDF – Published Nov. 2022

Great Britain to 2026

Tanzania to 2026

Kenya to 2026

Ethiopia to 2026

Namibia to 2026

Philippines to 2026

Mexico to 2026

Uzbekistan to 2026

Kazakhstan to 2026

Our reports incorporate the latest data, insights, and forecasts

CemBR’s country reports are based on our extensive and daily updated databases and monitoring platforms. However, in order for the purchaser of the report to benefit from the most up to date data, insights, and forecasts, we finalise our reports upon receiving an order. As a result, a lead time of up to two weeks (depending on the size and complexity of the market) is required.

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