CemBR is a trading name of Cement Business Advisory Ltd. (CBA), an advisory boutique addressing the global cement sector (CBA). CemBR was launched to address the disparate, inconsistent and often inaccurate data and research available in the market relating to cement.

CemBR’s strategy is to address the needs of all cement-related professionals in terms of data, insights, intelligence, and communication. Our philosophy is based on the belief that cement-related professionals require facts, data, and accurate and up-to-date insights and intelligence to support their decision-making process. In this light, CemBR’s aim is to be the ultimate “intelligence” provider in the global cement sector.

CemBR’s team consists of several cement related professionals with a wide range of functional expertise including:

Desktop research

Both primary and secondary research including literature research, company results research, questionnaires and interviews with market participants and companies.

Analytical expertise

Significant experience in analysing cement related data and presenting insightful and useful results including sophisticated financial and statistical modelling.


Senior advisory experience in several aspects of cement related strategies (green/brown field expansions, M&A, exports strategies, and product diversification.

Operational expertise

“Hands on” experience in managing cement and cement related businesses in tens of global locations, including sales and marketing.

Technical knowledge

Experience in senior positions with major cement manufacturers; process, fuels (incl. alternative fuels), grinding etc.

Environmental impact

In depth understanding of the influence of climate change on the cement sector (and other environmental aspects).

Industry 4.0

A continuous monitoring and assessment of the progress of Industry 4.0 on the cement sector globally.

Parallel sectors

Experience in cement related industries such as Readymix concrete, concrete products, aggregates, cementitious materials, and building materials distribution.

Our expertise

As our name suggests, we only work on the cement and cement related sectors. This is our expertise backed by cumulative hundreds of years of relevant experience. CemBR is not a journalistic institution, it is totally independent of any corporate, government or other institution and as such has no “agenda” besides providing the most accurate and up to date “intelligence” to our paying clients.

CemBR’s mission

We aspire to be the ultimate intelligence provider in the global cement sector. We define “intelligence” as the combination of accurate research & data, insightful analysis and unparalleled industry expertise.

Our approach and services

Ascertain facts, opinions, answers

CemBR uses several tools and approaches to ascertain the answers to the questions / issues arising when assessing a topic in the cement sector. Extensive desktop research is fundamental but not the sole basis for this step. We also conduct interviews with knowledgeable professionals from several functions (industry, equipment suppliers, financial institutions, authorities etc.) who have direct knowledge of the market/industry examined. We utilise our extensive network of contacts to deliver such interviews. In many cases, our analysts have visited the markets in question and have collected “first hand” insights. Via this process, we are seeking to triangulate facts and insights thus enhancing and supporting the granularity and accuracy of the information.

Overlay our industrial insights

This is a most valuable step as it utilises our team’s extensive expertise and experience in the sector both in a given market and in cement in general. There are issues in cement that are universal and others that are local. CemBR uses its experience to identify these issues and makes sure it supports the most accurate interpretation of research findings.


Assemble all the facts, data and insights and provide highly sophisticated analysis – including many proprietary analytical tools – which will shed light on the topics that reflect the characteristics of a cement market/industry. This is a valuable step in the process as it synthesises all data and insights and presents them in a format that can be easily assimilated and actioned upon by the reader. CemBR has developed several proprietary analytical tools specifically for cement markets/industries. These include:

  • Domestic Capacity Utilisation Factor – DCUF™ – Propensity to export / import.
  • International Trading Assessment Matrix – ITAM™, Capability to export / import.
  • Capacity Concentration Balance Index (CCBI™). CCBI™ assesses the potential of each cement plant’s theoretical sales to each statistically available region of a national market, taking into account the plant’s capacity and proximity to consumption centres.
  • Micro-Market Attractiveness Matrix (MAM™). MAM™ examines statistically available regions for their existing and potential growth prospects.
  • Industry Structure and Dynamics – ISD™ – Nature of Participants, Consolidation Index, Cost Structure and Industry Profitability.
  • CemBR Ranking Tool – CemRT™ – Overall Market Attractiveness Assessment

Output and Reporting

Concise and to the point report drafting concentrating on the following aspects:

  • Addressing salient topics that are of interest to our clients
  • Clearly identified and if possible evaluated risks
  • Identified opportunities
  • Clear picture of the topic/market under examination with every aspect being thoroughly explained and supported

Our promise to our clients

CemBR’s reports do not contain any “padding”, information or narratives that are vague and general thus not providing any meaningful insights. Every page of our reports contains up to date, accurate, and relevant data, which coupled with our analysis provide the reader with useful and actionable insights and conclusions.

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