Intelligence platforms

The CemBR Intelligence platforms address several aspects of the cement and cement related global sectors providing data, insights, and intelligence to cement related professionals of unparalleled depth, accuracy, and relevance.



The most comprehensive cement related database and intelligence platform in the world.

Currently the CGC™ addresses the 90 most important cement markets globally, covering more than 95% of cement consumption. However, our aim is to cover every country in the world in the next two to three years. The CGC™ is delivered via a new web-based platform offering a high level of interactivity and data visualisation.


The CGC™ explained


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CemBR Forecasts

The CemBR Forecasts is a once per year report published in Q4 of each year. The report provides extensive data, insights and projections needed by cement professionals to prepare their budgets or plan investment projects.

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The CemBR Forecasts report covers six regions with their largest markets. It draws data and insights from the 90 largest cement markets in the world representing over 95% of global cement consumption. The report is divided into three sections: the global outlook, the regional trends, and the country-by-country analysis. The country-by-country analysis examines the sixty largest cement markets in the world.

Global & regional

Several aggregated cement related indicators globally and regionally currently, and for the next five years:

  • GDP, Average GDP per capita and Population
  • Cement capacity
  • Cement production and average utilisation rates
  • Cement consumption and average consumption per capita
  • Cement trading
  • No. of plants – average size
  • Construction: total construction output and as % of global GDP

Heat maps showing several cement related indicators.


Forward looking data and narrative and five-year projections on the 60 largest cement markets in the world including:

  • Five-year forecast and narrative on macroeconomic indicators
  • Construction activity insights – forward looking
  • Current cement assets data (No of plants, cement capacity, cement utilisation rate)
  • Five-year forecasts on new capacity additions
  • Narrative and insights on new supply, M&A activity, and other insights
  • Five-year forecasts on cement consumption
  • Five-year forecasts on supply – demand balance, excess/deficit capacity, and capacity utilisation rates
  • Detailed data on trading and its impact on supply-demand balance. Insights of impact of trading going forward.

Sample CemBR Forecasts report

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You may purchase any section and any country of the report as follows:

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CemBR Clinker – coming soon

The CemBR Clinker is a once per year report. The report provides extensive data and insights on cement manufacturing facilities producing clinker.

The CemBR Clinker report contains two sections, The Global and Regional section, and the Country – by – country section. The Global and Regional section is based on the assessment of around 1,350 clinker producing plants and around 2,300 kilns representing approximately 90% of total clinker producing capacity in the world excluding China. The Country section contains a detailed depiction of the 60 largest clinker producing industries in the world.

Global & regional

Five year global and regional forecasts covering the 90 largest markets. Indicators include demand, supply, utilisation rates, and clinker trading.
Plus, Several aggregated clinker related indicators for the last ten years including:

Several aggregated clinker related indicators for globally and regionally for the last ten years including:

  • GDP, Average GDP per capita and Population
  • Clinker capacity
  • Clinker production and average utilisation rates
  • Clinker trading

Detailed data on kilns (up to date data and information):

  • No. of plants – average size
  • No. of kilns – average size – no. of kilns per plant (average)


Detailed data, insights, and forecasts for the 60 largest cement markets in the world including:

  • Current clinker producing asset data (No of plants, clinker capacity, number of kilns, average kiln size)
  • Number of kilns installed by time period
  • Clinker capacity installed by time period
  • Number of kilns by size
  • Commentary on above data
  • Clinker utilisation rates – current year and last five years average
  • Commentary on utilisation rates trends
  • Five- year forecasts for new clinker capacity additions
  • Projections for clinker needed for domestic cement production
  • Excess/ deficit for clinker indicating available capacity to export (or needed to import)
  • Commentary on excess/deficit clinker capacity including data of recent year’s trading of clinker

Sample CemBR Clinker report

CemBR Clinker brochure

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Under development


Our global benchmarking simulation tool and intelligence platform for integrated cement plants.


The most comprehensive cement related carbon database and intelligence platform in the world.


The most comprehensive seaborne trading database and intelligence platform (inc. full data on terminals).

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