The ultimate “intelligence” provider in the global cement sector.


accurate research & data, insightful analysis and unparalleled industry expertise.

What does CemBR provide?

The range of “intelligence” into the cement sector consists of the following aspects:



Global trends
understanding and mapping


The most in-depth, detailed and accurate examination of a cement market.


Our reports go beyond the usual supply – demand considerations and consumption projections. We include most of the market’s characteristics (products, supply chain, vertical integration etc.) plus a thorough examination of the asset base of the industry including kilns and clinker data. CemBR uses proprietary analytical tools to examine a market (see About page). The depth, accuracy, and relevance of these reports will enable the reader to understand a market in detail. Our reports can be purchased in this website.

Intelligence Platforms

The CemBR Intelligence platforms address several aspects of the cement and cement related global sectors providing data, insights, and intelligence to cement related professionals of unparalleled depth, accuracy, and relevance.

The CemBR Intelligence platforms are currently provided in two ways:
1) Web accessed, subscription-based databases and intelligence platforms.
2) Forecast reports covering global cement and clinker.

They include


The most comprehensive cement related database and intelligence platform in the world.

CemBR Forecasts

Five-year forecasts and extensive data and insights at global, regional, and country level for cement. Capacity additions, supply-demand, utilisation rates, and international trading.

CemBR Clinker

Five-year forecasts and extensive data on plants, kilns, clinker capacity, clinker trading, and clinker supply-demand and utilisation rates at global, regional, and country level.

Under development


CemBR’s global integrated plant benchmarking simulation tool. Based on extensive database on kilns, fuels used, technology, carbon emissions, and resultant cost structure.


The most comprehensive cement related carbon database and intelligence platform in the world


The most comprehensive seaborne trading database and intelligence platform (inc. full data on terminals)

Bespoke research

Client defined work on specific aspects of cement and cement related sectors.

Bespoke research covers many aspects of cement and cement related sectors including in-depth examination of specific markets, white cement, carbon related topics, trading and shipping, clinker and cement substitutes, technology, and cost structure and many more.

Knowledge Hub

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Latest news


September 2022

CemBR’s views on: Western Europe, the next five years

CemBR has published its views on the future trends of the Western European cement markets. This presentation can be found in the “Articles and blogs ” section of the Knowledge Hub.

September 2022

Single Market Profiles series of articles – Kenya

These articles provide a useful level of data, analysis, and insights on selected markets. This article launched was on the Kenyan cement industry/market. These articles can be found in the “Articles and blogs ” section of the Knowledge Hub.

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